Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is this the kind of life we want?

In the fast paced society we live in today, with all the hardship, stress, work that come tumbling down upon the frail you, it’s very easy to get misled into the demands of this world. It is tough to remain focused on what is eternal, it is a battle between the things that do not last and the things that do.

Come to think of it: are exams, results and assignments that worthy of our time? Is it? They are meaningless things that do not last, they are temporary, and once it’s done you’ll forget about it the next year.

So then, just why do we spend so much time on all these things yet knowing that they are just things of the world? Shouldn’t we be putting our attention and energy on fulfilling our purpose for God? Shouldn’t we not devote so much time to work, at the expense of our relationship with the Master?

It is a struggle in the spiritual realm. We pray fervently for opportunities to share our faith, but when they are blatantly laid down in front of us, and we have a calling in our hearts that this is the time to stand for what we believe, we back down.

We give excuses. We run away from it.

Is this the right attitude we should cultivate? Isn’t it shameful?

We know that we are not doing His work, yet we still continue wandering aimlessly in the useless things of the world.

Shouldn’t the daily conversations of Christians not revolve around computer games, TV shows, soccer, neopets, DOTA, shopping and the like, but instead issues like evangelism, discipleship, ministry and God’s calling?

Some are still toddlers, ignorant toddlers who claim by mouth that they are Christians, but in actual fact, they are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites, who do not behave and act as they should. They are still feeding on soft baby food, and not solid food, as they should be at this age.

Yet others have such big egos that they never recognize they need the grace of God. They are blinded by their pride, their worldly success and their achievements. As I was telling Weng Keong, it is only when the pride goes away can there be space for the Spirit to fill their hearts.

So shouldn’t we stop to reorganize our priorities and set them in a way that pleases our King?

I think we all should, now.

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