Monday, July 31, 2006

The deep anger

I PROMISE I'll set my HP Pavilion on fire and burn it into ashes and make sure I leave no trace of it, when I get a new desktop. I PROMISE. I assure you it will go up burning in flames.

And be rest assured I will make extra effort to personally rip off the disgusting bulging HP logos off the monitor and CPU and burn them seperately. Oh and don't expect me to arrange a funeral for the Pavilion; it's simply not worth it. I'll only do so if my iBook dies, which is almost unlikely.

I PROMISE, too, that the next desktop will NEVER be a HP. I PROMISE that I'll NEVER EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE buy another HP computer. Never, even over my dead body. I PROMISE that I'll kick and smash and bash and wip and send knuckles raining down on it. I shall never want to see ANY other HP product in my house all except for my HP PSC printer.

HP PCs are damned, and nothing is going to change that.

I PROMISE you I'll burn it alive.

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