Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Well, after about half a year of getting around the Macintosh with OS X, one can get real bitchy about stuff. The interest in Tiger dies down significantly, after we get bored of all those eye candy and cool stuff.

It is then that we begin to find fault with the OS and it can get real mean sometimes...

Ok, look at the picture below:

This is called the DOCK. It is simply shortcut icons for certain programmes, activating at a click, which can get irritating sometimes when you accidentally click on it unintentionally. By default, it is positioned at the bottom of the screen.

However, it can also be configured to be positioned on the left of the screen:

And the right as well:

And here comes the interesting bit: bottom, yes. Left, yes. Right, yes.

Top? NO.

Reason? The top is reserved for THE ALMIGHTY BLUE APPLE! Take a close look on the top left hand corner:

Haha...but well, my interest in Mac has not died down just yet. In fact, it is increasing by the day. Today, I just learnt how to get about using Automator, 1 of the 150 new features added in by the innovative guys at Apple into Tiger.

It is a quick and easy software, often obscure, but very handy. Go try it.

Oh, and one last thing I've learnt today: Macs DO not start up, but ultimately, they still DON'T crash.

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