Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summing it all up

“We discovered [that] some Sony batteries in PowerPC-based PowerBooks and iBooks do not meet Apple's standards for safety and performance. ”

Yes, Apple had its major notebook battery recall so very recently, a move similar to Dell not too long ago. When I first heard it, I got worried at the name iBook. But thankfully I’m not affected. It’s the 12 inches they are recalling, mine is the larger 14 inch. Anyway, this news shocked me…I thought Apple wouldn’t be so careless as to make such a mistake. But then again, its Sony that’s to blame for supplying those batteries.

So all you Mac users out there owning a 12 inch iBook, PowerBook and 15 inch PowerBook, go pluck out your battery this instant lest you want your white machine to be reduced to ashes.

Do you notice that nowadays laptops are more susceptible to blow-ups? We are putting in more advanced and power hungry chips inside, yet reducing the thickness of the machine, hence there is less space for proper air circulation, and fire evolving from the keyboard is not a thing of the past anymore, however rare it may be.

Just this week, Digital Life ran an article on the latest Core 2 Duo chips, and boy it did take me by surprise. They are released so soon?! Haha…but I can’t comment on it, unless I have used it before. Just 2 years ago, if you were to purchase a desktop, it would be a Pentium 4, or a Centrino or Celeron for a notebook. Now, the choices are varied.

Intel Xeon, Pentium D, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Centrino Duo, Intel Itanium 2, AMD Athlon 64 bit, AMD Opteron, AMD Sempron, AMD Turion…the list goes on and on…

In fact, I bet you, by next year, you’ll never see Pentium 4’s anymore, with the occasional exception in under $1000 Dells and probably Esys budget computers.

Mr Brown sure has never ending brain juices. His creativity is just amazing. Recently, I got to hear his “harmless podcast”, and I promise you it was so funny that I had to stop my work on PowerPoint to laugh. Go get that one…brilliantly harmless.

Along with creativity and innovation, he is daring too, or at least, to mock PM in such a condescending manner. But then again, if the government does decide to somehow restrict his podcasts, they will be tormented by our protests and unhappiness. So somehow they would rather assume that we’re downloading them for the quick laughs and not the political message (if there’s any).

Pluto has been stripped of its status of being a planet! The Planet Definitions Committee has officially labeled it as a dwarf planet! Textbooks have got to be rewritten, and all encyclopedias are outdated.

It is also not true that mars will be the biggest this Sunday! The mars scandal has been circulating for 3 years, and it was true in 2003, but today, it’s just a hoax. So don’t bother bringing out your telescopes or cameras to gaze the sky this Sunday midnight.

You think PowerPoint is the only most advanced and easy-to-use software to create professional presentations? I’ll prove the whole class wrong this Monday with my first ever school project presentation created on Apple’s Keynote. I promise you the 3D slide transitions will leave everyone in awe and disbelief. Solid impeccable animation guaranteed. But, for all you pee-cee users out there, Keynote is strictly an iWork software, which means availability only for Macintoshes. Thank you Weng for that wonderful provision!

Print screen below:

Yeah! Chinese is officially my most hated subject! Got a B3, 66, but nevertheless, this result is not an accurate reflection of my attitude towards hua wen. I did considerably okay.

I don’t care if Cheena is going to rise up and be bigger than the west, or if I go there next time not knowing how to speak proper cheenise, because all I know is that I detest the Chinese language education system here, to the core.

So bias, so one-sided, so conservative. All they talk about in comprehensions are the greatness of PAP, how we should never leave the country, how computer games are TOTALLY bad for you, how we should not do anything but study all day long…ai ya I tell you, I’M UTTERLY SICK AND TIRED of these disgusting propaganda passages.

Try expressing an opposing view in comprehensions and be prepared to get a zero. Even if that’s what you honestly think and feel. How ironic is that. You get marked down for your honesty. What is damned MOE trying to imply? Next, Chinese passages say that everything that happens bad in Singapore is due to the western culture: xi fang wen hua. Xi fang your ass lah. Yet, ironically, they acknowledge that Singapore is a diverse society. That means that there will be a mix of cultures right? Then why the hell do you say that all you want is the east and nothing to do with the west? Got to have both right? Balance right? Stupid, imbecile Chinese teachers who can’t think straight.

Well, lastly, if you do happen to read my blog, please, please, leave me a tag to assure me that this blog is not me writing to myself. And a big thank you to people like Zeng An who actually bothers to scroll through my wordy posts and like them.

Oh, and Scream Out Loud! turns 1 on 14 September! Be prepared for a major change!

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