Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prisoners and the clever people

They gaze out of the Windows, and what they see is a bright future...a Vista of freedom, a pleasing view, but viewed through a long narrow opening.

In front of that window, it is new, fresh, interesting, exciting, a time of revolution and change. They want to break free from this window, to be able to reach that freedom, but there are metal bars which run across the window vertically, just like in a prison.

And inside, its .dll hell. The living condition is so bad that the people are all exposed to viruses, and they are made to work like Trojans, till the point that they crash.

These are the criminals.

But the righteous people are outside this window, into the land of freedom, each owning Tigers. MACdonalds are what they indulge in, and they definitely do have an iLife. They have perfect iSight too. People in the prison converse in MS-DOS, but the intelligent free people outside converse in the profound Unix language. In fact, so free are they that they have a nickname: Free BSD. B for best, S for super, D for delightful.

Their lives do not crash, it is always so stable and secure. Things that they demand can be found instantly and all it takes is for them to switch on their Spotlight to search those dark corners.

But, soon, the people in the prison gets jealous. They want to break free too. And they did manage to break the bars. Some of them could escape out into the land of freedom, and when they knew how far behind they were, they copied the clever people.

Innovation is something they do not have, they only know imitation. Blatantly. And stupidly. The prisoners just copied. Without a hint of guilty conscience.

Next year spring, the clever people will change their Tigers into Leopards. Next year spring, the prisoners will get to own Tigers, or rather, crude imitations of Tiger, called Vista.

But no matter what, they still come from inside that window, they have their roots in .dll, and nothing will change this.

Hence, we have Windows Vista from Bill Gates. While Steve Jobs has beautiful OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Would you want to be a prisoner or a clever person? Make the right choice today.

Hasta la vista, Vista. Leopards run faster than you.

Or for that matter, Tigers too.

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