Saturday, September 9, 2006

2 movies and my thumb

For the first time in my life, I actually watched two movies on two consecutive days at the same place. Thursday was Barnyard, and yesterday was Monster House. Monster House is better than Barnyard, but both movies are still not up to my standard of amazing. I would give Barnyard 2.5/5 stars, while Monster House deserves 3/5 stars. Thursday, I went out with primary school friends, which I promise I would think twice before agreeing next time. Friday, it was with VS people. All at Plaza Sing.

And somehow LJJ's cold war with me has ended...haha. We're friends again.

Today, my thumb drive malfunctioned. After a gentle kick at the front USB port when I was turning around. How unlucky can I get. Lost all the work I've done this morning, but luckily I printed them out already. Lost my WWDC 06 printscreens, and probably 3 pictures. But that's all...

But to look at it from the bright side of things, I can use this excuse to ditch my Kingston Data Traveler 256MB and maybe get a 512MB or a 1GB one.

And this time round I will make sure it is a proper thumb drive...the size of my THUMB. Not the size of 2 thumbs.

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