Saturday, August 12, 2006


For the first time in my life, I saw Planetshakers. Haha, at the Ultraviolet concert organised by FCBC. Went with Yiling, Althea and Jourdan. Not really a big fan of Planetshakers; I would appreciate it more if Hillsong or United could come down instead. But nevertheless, despite me not knowing any of the songs they performed, it was a good time praising the Lord. Oh, before that we went to Althea's house to play badminton, and they had a fun time teasing me and Yiling. "The couple" they would always say...

Ultraviolet was more of an evangelistic kinda thing, and I guess sometimes the Christian youths need to gather together and be as one. I really enjoyed myself, though the rock worship isn't something particularly appealing to my ususal worship style. The crowd was a crazy bunch yearning for God, the whole MAX Pavilion was filled, and indeed it was great for everyone to experience the presence of God.

Indeed, Christianity is not just about going to church, it is not just simply praying, or reading Bible stories, but it is giving your all, your everything, no matter how little it may be, it is about giving your LIFE to the creator of you.

The very person who made you wants to be your closest friend. How magnificent can that ever be? But in order for that special relationship to develop, you've gotta lay down your life and dedicate it to Him.

And I promise you life will never be boring and you will never ever feel lonely anymore, for the grace and love of God will descend upon you.

He never fails you and me.

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