Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A few announcements

1) I’m officially FAT. But don’t worry, far from obese. I’m 70kg, or 700N. Heavier by 8kg. Quite unbelievable, but this is the result of me eating extremely heavy dinners. The tummy is protruding…

2) I’ve got a new Toshiba thumb drive. 1GB, very slim. But most importantly, it’s white. Complements my Mac perfectly. The old one’s chunky and spoilt. I think it’s similar to the one Weng has. Haha, pretty satisfied with it so far.

3) I think this is amazing. I only studied SS test for 2 hours the night before the exam, and I’m one of the three people who passed. 12.5/25. Just made it. Funny? This goes to show that it is not so much content, but skills. But I’ve got to thank the Lord for blessing me so abundantly.

4) I failed bio test, like most of the others. 8/20. Extremely dismal results. Gotta improve.

5) The focus group discussion yesterday was great. Talked about some very interesting issues. National Education – that was the topic. Made 3 new friends in the process.

6) My dad’s getting a MacBook, entry level. For work purposes. Yet another Windows convert. Plus a printer and fax machine together. We’re sticking to Hp for that because Hp makes good printers.

7) I’m getting wireless internet and a new cheap Windows CPU to replaced the old Hp (for my sis actually). Pentium 4 most probably, although D would be good. Next year, I’m thinking of begging for an iMac when Leopard arrives.

That’s my life so far.

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