Tuesday, September 19, 2006

By His power and might

I have not been faithful in my daily quiet time these 2 months, and I regret it. Work, assignments and projects have taken away my time with God. And this has just led me to realise that I have not fully gotten my priorities right. Every night I sleep without hearing from the Bible, without being replenished and renewed by His Word.

Work still comes before God. How is this ever possible? How can I ever let such a trivial thing as work take over an eternal relationship with this special someone?

And today, it has finally dawned upon me that I have strayed off too far, and it's time to hold on to my faith again and draw near to my Master.

Tonight, I finally did my quiet time for once in a few months. And I feel ashamed, disappointed at myself, and this just exposes my vulnerability in trying times – how I can succumb to worldly pressures.

From today onwards, I will never ever want to go on a ‘quiet time holiday’ for 2 months again.

The Bible really comforts me. It encouraged me to trust in the Lord in everything and never feel fearful. I give up all my worries to God: my exams, stress, troubles, problems…I give them all unto the Lord, and by His might, He will crush them all.

I trust in the Lord that if it is in accordance with His plan for my life, and if it is His desire for me to do well, then by faith, I believe that I will do well. Not by my brains or intellectual capacity, but purely by faith, and faith alone is all that is needed.

Sometimes I do well not because of my brains, but it is by the Lord who just amazingly enables me to score. It is Him who is working through me; I’m being controlled and led by Him.

I ended off my quiet time with a long prayer. And tonight, the most wonderful thing happened. I felt the Lord’s presence with me. He was there sitting beside me. I knew it. Silently listening to my prayers.

Because as I knelt and prayed, I wept.

I wept. I Cried.

Tears dripped down from my eyes as I proclaimed his wondrous love for me, how undeserving I am of this love, yet my God is gracious enough to love a sinner such as me, for life.

Nothing on earth is ever better than God’s love. I hereby testify to that. Nothing. Not even getting good grades. I would trade my all just for this special relationship, my all.

Perhaps this song best sums it up:

I called
You answered
And You came to my rescue and I
Wanna be where You are...

I’m burning on passion for God once again.

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