Friday, September 15, 2006

Tough music player battle

The vast majority of American use iPods. 75% to be specific. Even I use a nano.

And I knew for sure way beforehand that Apple had to defend itself when Zune released. That's the most logical thing the world's largest music player maker has to do to keep status quo.

By the way, Zune is Microsoft's iPod killer MP3 player which is going to be manufactured by Toshiba. It is so inspired by the iPod:

Zune has some wonderful innovations such as wi-fi which allows one to transfer music wirelessly. But can Microsoft, that old and uncool company that many has come to associate with, successfully overthrow the iPod and dominate the music player market?

Logically, I'd say no. It is not possible to overthrow the world's most popular music player in an impulsive overnight attempt. No way.

But just to play safe, Apple has just released a new iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iTunes online movie shop, iTunes 7.00 and Quicktime 7.1.3, with Software Update, surprisingly. There are new packaging and new headphones too. Just to ensure that Microsoft doesn't stand the slightest chance or smell the smell of success. If these preventive measures are not taken, and Zune really succeeds, Apple will suffer a major blow. iPods are Apple’s lifeline.

And the new products are great. I love the gapless playback feature. At least my Hillsong tracks play seamlessly finally. Apple suddenly has become very active in coming up with new products. First, it was the Mac Pro and Xserve at WWDC. Then came the new Intel Core 2 Duo iMacs, up to a whopping 24-inch. The Mac Mini Intel Core Duo chip upgrade followed, abandoning the Core Solos. Now, the new magnificent iPods.

And boy, they are cool stuff. The iPod clip design has made a statement being the world's smallest music player around, and selling at under $150 for 1GB, you're bound to be tempted to get one. The new nano, the world’s best selling player, however, seems to have taken a step back to revive those good old iPod Mini days, with the memorable cheery coloured aluminum bodies. But it is now more powerful than ever. With a 40% brighter screen and a generous 8GB of storage all in a body smaller than a handphone, it's not hard to see why Zune would be a potential flop.

Damn Microsoft, just because Apple owns the entire MP3 market share is not a reason for them to jump on the bandwagon. Zune will be a failure. I can safety assert with confidence.

So don't waste your bloody time, Microsoft. Just focus on getting your damned it Vista right and please the majority of PC users out there and that would be a tough enough job. Accept the fact that Windows Media Player will be increasingly replaced with iTunes instead. No one will use WMP 11 beta. You cannot stop the great Apple from progressing. In the first place, why does Microsoft even venture into the MP3 market when they can’t do their OS well?

Luckily, Apple was not stupid enough to put wireless technology in the new iPods. See, Apple is original. They don't imitate.

And Althea, I'm sorry to say that your month old iPod is no longer new anymore. We live in a fast technological world, and competition is stronger than ever.

But I believe Apple will emerge triumphant.

If you’re free, I encourage you to watch the webcast of the special event from Apple website.

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