Saturday, April 7, 2007

Youth Alive QLD at Cornerstone

Don't worry, this isn't another Windows Mac post...

Yesterday this Australian band called Youth Alive (from Queensland) came down to Cornerstone church beside Katong Shopping Centre for an Easter evangelistic outreach event. It was a concert and a little bit of teaching from Paul Geerling, the director of Youth Alive QLD, a Christian youth movement that spreads the gospel to the young generation primarily in Australia, but they do go around the world too.

Went for the concert with Wilson, Jordan and Andrew (Mu Yao was supposed to come but he didn’t), and guess what…we got the LAST 4 TICKETS!!!!

The concert was awesome, it was a truly great time of worship, we sang some of their Youth Alive songs (unknown to me), some Planetshakers and Hillsong (!) songs, which I could follow along.

Yup, so that was how my Good Friday was spent...

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