Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Best Damn Thing isn't the best damn thing

After listening to Avril Lavigne’s latest album, which is contaminated with sprinkles of vulgarities (censored in the version I bought, thankfully), I have only one thing to say of this album:


Her songs have noticeably changed to become much bitchier, but her style of music, generally, remains the same. I like some songs, such as “The Best Damn Thing”, “When You’re Gone” and “Hot”. (The titles somewhat suggests how the lyrics will be like.)

I’ve always enjoyed Avril Lavigne’s previous albums, and I must say this is her most upbeat and lively work yet, but I would prefer more “quiet” slow songs. I feel that the Avril Lavigne I used to know has changed quite a bit in this album, but it isn’t by any means a bad piece of work. It is relatively good, but just too bitchy and vulgar for my style.

It isn't the best damn thing, but quite a good damn thing. 3.5/5 stars. If I’m generous, I would give a 4.

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