Sunday, June 24, 2007

Safari 3 is in beta for a reason

I'm sorry Apple, but from today onwards, Safari 3 beta shall cease to be my main web browser on my Mac.  Don't get me wrong, Safari is a fine, blazing fast browser, but the only problem (don't know if other users face this) is that it KEEPS ON CRASHING ON ME! On average, Safari crashes 1-3 times per day.

No wonder it's still in beta. Before the final version arrives, and stability bugs are fixed, I shall be porting my bookmarks and stuff over to Camino, the Firefox-based Mac web browser which seems good, especially with its "Session Saving" feature which is lacking in Safari.

"Camino 1.5 now includes support for “session saving”, or optionally remembering what pages you were visiting when you quit and automatically loading them the next time you start—perfect for all those times you have to install Mac OS X updates!"

Bye Safari 3, you will now reside in some secluded area in my hard-disk.

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