Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm crashing, I'm crashing, I'm crashing

Argh. More programs are starting to crash more frequently on my Mac.

1) Today, PowerPoint crashed about 4 times. When I quit it, COMMAND+Q, PowerPoint shuts down, then an error message comes up telling me that it has closed unexpectedly. Then the usual choices whether to report this error to Microsoft or not.

2) Safari has crashed at least four fantastic times today.

3) MSN crashed on me a few days ago too, multiple times. Now I have migrated to Adium.

Hmm...what's next?

Oh and some recent articles written by Paul Thurrott has made me think twice about the iPhone's success. It's either Apple makes it or breaks it. If it goes wildly popular, Apple can still take over the phone industry. If not, Steve Jobs may just go downhill.

Now that's scary.

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