Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Writing like in high school"

So it's the holidays now, and today I was at home all day, with much time spent on the computer. Recently, I got a new Seagate FreeAgent 250 GB HDD solely for backup purposes, and I've been sitting in front of two computers literally transferring tons of gigs of data into the lovely Seagate, deleting useless files, updating old files with newer versions and organising data into folders.

Thankfully I'm kinda done, phew!... and just 5 mins before this, I decided to do some 'random surfing'. I launched Safari and randomly typed in 'windows vista suck' in Google (just for fun, but I believe in the contrary), hit search and landed myself on some random website:

Goodness, this is one of the most horrid professional reviews of Vista I ever read. Yes the article is dated, but it is one very unfair, inaccurate review of a superb OS, in fact it was so horrid that I had to stop reading half way to blog about it now. I don't care if Vista sucks or not, but this guy sure sucks. He is a clear advocate for Linux (come on, the website is after all), and writes about Vista in a very intolerably negative way.

Knowing that his guy should be lambasted by the Windows fans, and also highly praised by the Mac/Linux community, I decided to check out the comments or talkback, as written on the webpage. True enough, some people did agree and like his review, but most commented that Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols did not do enough research upon writing this biased review.

One reader wrote this that I especially like: You write like you're in high school.

Really, honestly, he does, go read it. But the point I want to make is that as tech journalists, we should always be accurate, reliable, trustworthy in order to gain readership and reputation. Of course, using good language is also a must. That's why I trust the winsupersite a lot for accurate and up-to-date Windows news.

Don't just trust any article that you Google!

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