Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Macworld 08: MacBook Air

With Macworld 2008 happening very very soon, I'm super excited to hear what the Mac cult leader Jobs has to announce for us this year. Rumours have been circulating that an ultra-portable MacBook will make its debut, in a form factor somewhat similar to the old 12 inch PowerBooks, but of course much thinner.

It may exclude an optical drive, and there are rumours (again) that it may use flash drive instead of traditional hard drives, and could even sport a touch-screen with tablet-like functionality. However, I personally do not believe that the flash and touch screen will happen, simply because it's too early for Apple to integrate these new technologies into their product line, and apparently I've heard that Jobs dislikes the idea of a touch screen for a laptop, even though they have done much work on touch technologies with the iPhone and iPod touch. The name for this portable lightweight laptop is called the MacBook Air as of now.

For more detailed reports, you MUST read:

Ah, I don't think I have the time to cover Macworld in detail this time round, but if time really permits, I may do a special podcast just for the Jobsnote. For detailed and superb live coverage, check back consistently at engadget or TUAW.

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Lastly, I predict and hope that Steve Jobs would also introduce a new range of Apple Cinema Display monitors, because the current monitors are really dated and are in a serious need of a revision. Fingers crossed, let's hope this also happens.

Oh wait... one more thing, we could also see a firmware upgrade (1.1.3) for the iPhone and subsequently the iPod touch. And my response to all those iPhone fans who claim that a new 3G iPhone will be released this year with 16GB of storage is this: yes I believe this will happen, but not at this Macworld. Definitely sometime later in the year.

These are some of my predictions... but amidst the uncertainty the mini MacBook is almost certain to be a reality!

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