Monday, January 14, 2008

Resolution for 2008

With the coming of a new year, many people make their personal resolutions. But unfortunately, not many ensure that they see their resolutions come to success throughout the year. I for one am guilty of this, hence this year I decided that instead of pouring out a long list of resolutions, I shall just make one and then work on it diligently.

This year my church is embarking on a year of prayer and worship (last year was missions), so I think that my resolution should be related to my spiritual life with God, because living a Christ-centered life is the only way to live an enriching and fulfilling life. I always believe in putting God first, as He, being the master planner, will ensure that everything else falls into place nicely, including things like exams. Therefore, for 2008, I have decided to make a simple resolution. In church last Sunday, I learnt what it means to 'seek the Lord', and I have decided that this shall be my resolution for this year: to SEEK the Lord.

I'm sure every Christian has heard of these 3 seemingly trivial words before, but it is easy to say but hard to do. Practicing Biblical knowledge in our daily lives is always challenging, partly because of the evil one against us, and also because we humanly lack perseverance to run the race. Hence, to 'seek the Lord' is a tough thing to accomplish, because what it demands is an intimate walk and an appetite for Biblical truths and understanding the ways of God.

What does the word 'seek' imply? Why not replace it with 'find'? 'Seek' suggests that there is much effort being put in and a level of commitment is required. When we 'seek' for something, it isn't similar as finding something. Seeking means to look high and low and to spend time and effort. Thus I hope that I can truly seek God with all my heart, and I know he will then reveal himself to me, as promised in Matthew 7:7 - "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

To help me 'seek', I have set two goals.
1) To do my devotion everyday.
2) To start a pray journal recording my conversation with God.

Yup... That's it for my 2008 resolution, and by the grace of God, I hope I can succeed!

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