Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apple gone crazy over product updates

In this month of Feb, Apple has extensively updated many of their products, but with minor changes. It's a little hard to keep track because there are simply so many small improvements made. I've decided to compile the changes here:

So here goes:
1) 32GB iPod touch (S$848, which is preposterously priced)
2) 16GB iPhone
3) iPhone and iPod touch firmware 1.1.4 (probably in preparation for the SDK, which is going to be late)
4) 1GB iPod shuffle price drop to US$49
5) 2GB iPod shuffle introduced (US$69)
6) Aperture 2 (Apple's take on Lightroom)
7) MacBook updates (Processor, hard drives, RAM, Wi-Fi)
8) MacBook Pro updates (Processor, hard drives, RAM, supports multi-touch trackpad gestures, Wi-Fi)
9) iPhoto photobooks now available in Singapore!

That's a very busy month for Apple. Tell me if I'm missing out anything.

These few days my 4 year old HP PC is giving me problems again. It's very highly possible that I might get an iMac anytime within the next month, after I've made a few decisions.

1) To dual-boot XP or Vista?
2) What anti-virus to run on my Mac?
3) Should I max the RAM at 4GB or upgrade to 2?
4) Should I run Ubuntu on that old PC?
5) To purchase Office for Mac 2008 or use the 2004 version I'm currently using?
6) Will my hardware work with my new system?
7) Is 500GB HDD enough or should I pump it up to 750?

Ok ok too many questions that I will answer soon as I ponder over it... But clearly, this new computer I'm getting is an iMac. Can't afford a Mac Pro, Mac Mini's are underpowered, PCs are out of the question. Tell me what you think!!

One last thing! Apple will release the iPhone/iPod touch Software Development Kit (SDK) on the 6th March, 6 days late from original plan. I'm dying to get third party apps on my iPod, so Apple this better be good.

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