Sunday, February 24, 2008

TWiP: a must-subscribe!

Many close friends know that I am an advocate of podcasts, and for a good reason. Listening to podcasts is a great way to kill downtime, especially when you are commuting, because it allows you to spend your time wisely and improve your knowledge in a certain topic of interest (tech for me).

So I am a regular listener of a few tech podcasts, namely Windows Weekly and MacBreak Weekly (hosted by the entertaining Leo Laporte), and also a security podcast by anti-virus company Sophos.

Recently, I got to know of this new podcast entitled This Week in Photography (TWiP) hosted by Alex Lindsay and Scott Bourne (they appear on MacBreak Weekly too) and I'm hooked on it! It's surprising how many people who are into computers are also into photography, and that's expected somewhat since digital photography has a lot to do with computers and photo manipulation software. TWiP is a podcast about everything to do with digital photography, such as photo editing software, latest news regarding cameras, lenses, reviews, shooting tips and techniques etc.

So if you're a photo buff, and also happen to take on an interest in tech, then this podcast is a must-listen. After all, it did appear in the 'new and notable' section in iTunes... highly recommended! (BUT... a word of caution, this podcast has it's emphasis on more Canon and Apple.)

Visit the TWiP site!

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