Sunday, March 2, 2008

Apple store salesman: iTunes store coming to Singapore in 2-3 months

I was at the Parkway Parade Juzz1 Apple store this afternoon after lunch with my family. Got to play with the updated iPod touch featuring the five new applications, and since a salesman was next to me, I casually asked him how I could get this 20 dollar upgrade on my old iPod touch. In my mind I knew that it wouldn’t be possible because the iTunes store isn’t yet in Singapore and the only way to install this is through iTunes. So I asked without expecting any hope of a positive answer, but to my surprise, he responded saying that the iTunes store is coming to Singapore in 2 to 3 months and then I could buy that software update!

I was taken aback, pleasantly shocked at this good news. I think I did ask him “really??” in my state of disbelief. I’m unsure where he heard this from, because I’ve not read anything about this online, but if it really happens, I would be so exhilarated! So far I've not heard of any official confirmation about when iTunes is coming here, so let’s take this salesman’s statement to be partially true at the moment.

But on second thought, this could be all too true. I suspect the motivation for bringing the iTunes store here has to do with the release of the iPhone in Asia (including Singapore). I mean, Apple has a valid reason for doing so if the iPhone is reaching Singapore, because the iPhone requires the iTunes online store for registration and other stuff. So if the iPhone is to be supported locally, then the iTunes store has to come over to Singapore first. Well, this is just my speculation, but hopefully iTunes will come soon so that I can get my freaking iPod touch upgrade!

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