Sunday, March 9, 2008

Surviving the IT show crowd

Just went to IT show @ Suntec this afternoon with Hong Aik... man the crowd was bad!

I didn't have anything to buy actually, but I decided to pop by just to see what the atmosphere is like. Hong Aik got himself a Sony Cybershot W80 for $349 and a Creative Zen 4GB for $199 with free earphones. I got my dad and myself a Sandisk 2GB thumbdrive each, and an 80GB HDD for mum (inexpensive gadgets). At the Sandisk booth I was SO SO tempted to buy the red 4GB Ducati Extreme thumbdrive at $119 (I told Hong Aik it looked like a vacuum cleaner)... but I didn't have enough cash. Argh.

Actually I felt that the prices weren't very very low. For example, at the Apple booth, the prices didn't deviate much from the original market price. The iMac's price didn't change at all, they were just giving free AppleCare. The iPods had a slight discount I think, but not significant. The salesman said the reason was because Apple controls prices, which is a reasonable argument. Over at the Canon booth, the SLRs were priced normally, and only freebies were thrown in, cheap stuff like CF cards, simple tripods and the Lens Workbook.

Btw, the freebies I got for my iMac I ordered a week ago at an Apple store is way better than the free AppleCare... I got free upgrade to 4GB ram worth roughly $600+, but AppleCare only costs $300+. Hah! And I didn't have to jostle with the crowd!

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