Sunday, March 16, 2008

iMac finally here

Finally, after about 2 weeks of patient awaiting, my family computer, a 20-inch iMac, arrived yesterday morning. It takes the place of a 4.25 year old HP desktop, and proudly I must add.

Haven't really set it up yet, still have to install Photoshop and other essential apps. It is dual-booting Windows Vista Home Premium via Boot Camp. The work I have to do on Vista is more than on Leopard. Have to install Norton, Photoshop, connect to Internet, get Windows Updates, get SP1 (maybe?)... just time consuming stuff.

Will properly review this new guy when I have the time, probably next week or so, and also upload more pictures. But initial impressions are good. It is blazing fast, screen is gorgeous and very compact indeed. Being an all-in-one desktop sure saves space. Cables are also very few, avoiding the usual clutter of wires. In fact, it is just one wire from the iMac to main power supply, then another USB cable from iMac to keyboard, and mouse is wireless. There's another USB from iMac to printer, and the printer is then connected via a thick cable to main power. That's about it. Extremely neat and tidy.

For technical specs and stuff, wait for the full review.

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