Tuesday, March 18, 2008

iMac: getting along well

So my iMac has been with me for about 4 days. Here are my quick first impressions of Leopard 10.5.2 as I explore it further in the coming days.

1) I've noticed improved security overall. For example, before installing apps that I've downloaded, Leopard actually pops up a dialog box requesting my permission and stating the source of the download. Similar to UAC on Vista?? But definitely not as pervasive and irritating.

2) For the dock, the new small blue glowing oval thingy below the application that is currently running is REALLY hard to see. I prefer what's on Tiger, where it's just a simple black triangle to denote an open application.

3) Software update has had minor changes and works slightly differently regarding the way it downloads and installs updates. But I like this change.

4) I would have preferred more new wallpapers. Getting a bit sick of the old ones, and the new one's aren't really fantastic. Ok I guess I'm supposed to use my own pictures.

5) LEOPARD'S TEXT-TO-SPEECH ROCKS! I love the new voice Alex. Finally it speaks close to a human, with proper pauses and a deep rich voice. Absolutely a joy to hear him speak!

6) I like the new finder. Cover flow rocks.

Overall, it's still very evidently OS X. The changes in Leopard are visible, some of which significant, but not in a way that you're thrown into a completely new environment.

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