Thursday, March 20, 2008

iPhone arriving to Singapore + Vista SP1

My dad woke me up today and excitedly told me that the iPhone was coming to Singapore in September. He said he heard it over the radio, but I can't seem to find official confirmation on the net, but anyway it is going to be with Singtel. This confirms a post that I wrote some time ago on the iTunes store coming to Singapore.

I can't help but feel a sense of excitement, although I'm wondering, how did Apple solve the problem of only allowing the iPhone to work with one telco? Because Singapore usually doesn't allow phones to be tied solely to only one operator... But never mind that. What I predict is going to happen is this: around June/July, there will be a special iPhone event by Apple to introduce the new software update 2.0 (3rd party apps) and also announce a 3G version of the iPhone which will look exactly the same as before, but with in-built 3G support. Then they will announce the 3G iPhone arriving in Asia, and soon Singapore will get it.

So apart from some iPhone hope this morning, I also connected Vista to the internet for the first time, upgraded Vista to Service Pack 1, installed Norton Antivirus 2008, ran scans and configured security settings.

The total install time for SP1 on my system was roughly 40mins, and the file size (from Windows Update) was only 70MB, because I got all the updates before that. The first thing I noticed was Welcome Center finally recognised my 4GB RAM and didn't show 3GB. The rest of the changes aren't visible. Install was straightforward, and it rebooted only once.

I have to say that after knowing Vista a bit more, I'm in LOVE with it, and I can't switch back to XP!

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