Thursday, May 1, 2008


I don't have any useable camera with me now! Both my 400D and my 17-85 lens is at the Canon service centre for repairs. :(

After my camera turns one year old (and the warranty expires), the equipment starts to breakdown and give problems. Well, as I tell many people, it is after all the cheapest Canon body, so I can't expect it to be super great after all. On the 400D, the pop-up flash won't pop-up and is stuck, while the 17-85 (which isn't a crap lens btw) has error 99 and can't take photos.

I'm disappointed with the 17-85 more than the 400D, that it would be so unreliable. I treat it with much care lor!

So in the mean time while waiting for the stuff to come back, I'm reduced to using compacts or borrowing school equipment (which = kit lens).

A small voice within me is saying 'I want a 40D!!'

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