Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick update

Jun Yang asked me why I haven't updated my blog for quite a while. That's because this holidays have been really activity-packed and intense.

Hmm... my blog's cbox has some weird pop-up ad thingy going around which I don't know why... and I have yet to find how to resolve this problem, really irritating!

Just came back from China on a school exchange trip with Jin Cai High School in Shanghai; it was really an enjoyable time. Processed 700+ photos when I came back, which killed me.

Just started on my art painting and want to finish it fast so that I can study!!

2 pieces of personal achievements for me though: 1) I won the Light of Life photography competition - a consolation prize of $100 (only). 2) My Thinkquest team won HONORABLE MENTION for our website and I'm so proud that our efforts didn't go to waste! Each team member will be receiving a US$750 laptop, and I'm praying so very hard that it will be the HP Mini-Note 2133. My website can be viewed here from Thinkquest server.

Oh oh track samples for the new Hillsong album 'This Is Our God' is now available! Whoo! The songs are really great, I like Stronger (especially the bridge) and Desert Song!

Ok I think I'm going to screw up my mid years, so better get mugging now!

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