Sunday, June 8, 2008

WWDC 08: Speculations

Monday (tmr) will be the much awaited Apple World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC). Steve Jobs will be giving a keynote, and as usual, be announcing several cool products.

This time, he will definitely reveal the new iPhone, which will be 3G, and most probably have new features such as GPS and an Instant Messaging client. Copy and paste remains yet to be seen if it will be implemented. Hardware wise, I think this new phone will be thinner and sleeker, but I doubt there will be major changes to the overall look. This 3G iPhone will be the version reaching Asia, including Singapore.

Secondly, Jobs will also most likely give us a sneak preview as to what's happening with OS X 10.6. They're running out of names of big cats, so I'm unsure what this version will be called. I've heard rumours from cnet that 10.6 will focus on security and reliability instead of adding a ton of new features, which makes sense. With an increasing market share and thus increasing attacks on the Mac, I feel Apple needs to address the issue of security urgently.

So these are the two main topics in the keynote I suppose. Be sure to catch the screencast on the Apple website after the event!

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