Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Quiz

HEY GUYS! ITS TIME FOR A RANDOM QUIZZZ!!!! (Muyao asked me to do this, he tagged my name.)

Name 20 people you can think of right now. Don’t read the questions until you name them. At the end of this, choose 5 people to do this. Have FUN!

1) Muyao
2) Samuel
3) Theodora
4) Sherilyn
5) Jolyn
6) Alicea
7) Althea
8) Hanhao
9) Andrew
10) Junyang
11) Winston
12) Jourdan
13) Esmond
14) Jian Wei
15) Elroy
16) May
17) Yeejek
18) Kelvin
19) Steve Jobs
20) Bill Gates

A) How did you meet 14?
Photog CCA...

B) What would I do if I never met 1? (Muyao)
If I didn't meet Muyao, I would smash my camera up into pieces. He (and Samuel) were the ones who got me in love with photography.

C) What if 9 & 20 dated? (Andrew & Bill Gates)
Hmm... then that would be the biggest gay story in the entire tech world.

D) How about 6 & 17? (Alicea & Yeejek)
Hmm... I think that might work out well :P

E) Describe 3. (Theodora)
Ah. My sister... she's sec 2 and into running. She likes the TV and has a stuff toy bear named Skunky.

F) Is 8 attractive? (Hanhao)
Oh I'm sure. If I was an indian gay, yup I'd fall for him.

G) Describe 7. (Althea)
She's a fun person, loves dance, in the same art class as me, same IP class as me.

H) Do you know any of 12’s family members? (Jourdan)
I don't personally, but my mum knows his mum.

I) What would you do if 18 confessed that he/she likes you? (Kelvin)
I would... adopt him as my pet puppy. :)

J) What language does 15 speak? (Elroy)
Erm. English and chinese la.

K) Who is 9 going out with? (Andrew)
I don't know. A secret someone I guess.

L) How old is 16? (May)

M) When is the last time you spoke to 13? (Esmond)
Yesterday (sat) in school during vsparks meeting!

N) What’s 2’s favourite band/singer? (Samuel)
Celine Dion for now?

O) Would you ever date 4? (Sherilyn)
Sherilyn is my youngest sister. Ya right, as if I don't see enough of her at home. Haha...

P) Would you ever date 1? (Muyao)
I will use the same answer Muyao gave to dating Samuel: We are BFFs. Why not. And he has nice muscles and is smart.

Q) Is 19 single? (Steve Jobs)
Omg. Definitely not. He has iPods, Macs and iPhones to keep him company. Not to mention MobileMe and his vegan diet.

R) What is 10’s last name? (Junyang)
Ng... duh.

S) Would you ever date 11? (Winston)
Erm no please. I'm straight.

T) What is 3’s School? (Theodora)
Cedar Girls :)

U) Where does 16 live? (May)
I don't know. Somewhere in sunny Singapore.

V) What is 5’s favourite thing? (Jolyn)
Ah, soccer and cameras and her new 450D!

W) Have you seen 2 naked?
Oh no I wouldn't want to. I'd leave that privilege for his gf. But he's hot though :)

Ok done. I now tag Junyang, Hong Aik, Alicea, Hanhao and Althea!

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