Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buying a camera soon? Wait for after Photokina!

Photokina, the world's largest biannual trade fair for camera manufacturers and imaging companies, will be taking place this coming September. This is an extremely massive fair with all major manufacturers taking part. Hence, these manufacturers will be announcing new cameras and products in time for Photokina so that they have something to show off then.

So if you're intending to purchase a new camera before September... STOP! and wait till after Photokina when all the manufacturers have announced their new stuff before making your decision. Already there are some major announcements. Canon has announced the EOS 50D SLR, a superzoom 18-200mm EF-S lens, a new Selphy compact photo printer and a couple of point-and-shoots, while Olympus also has a few point-and-shoots and one 20X prosumer camera. I'm still waiting to hear the big announcements from Nikon and other major companies.

What this translates to for us consumers is to hold up spending that cash and wait and see first, as you don't want to buy into old technology.

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