Friday, September 12, 2008

iPod touch 2G has bluetooth chip

According to iFixit, they disassembled a new iPod touch 2G and found out it has a Broadcom BCM4325 bluetooth chipset! It supports bluetooth 2.1 + EDR!

Now apple didn't say anything about that! This shocking discovery raises the immediate possibility that bluetooth could feature in the 2.2 software update, but no confirmation from Apple on that. If this is true, bluetooth headphones could be paired up with the iPod touch.

However, I think this is rather unlikely. To me, it is more a case of inheriting the iPhone 3G's hardware, since both devices technically run on the same electrical parts and circuitry. Thus bluetooth is there, but Apple doesn't plan to 'activiate' it as the iPhone would then lose its bluetooth advantage over the touch.

As of June 2009, bluetooth has been unlocked on 2G iPod touch with iPod software update 3.0!
(Not applicable for 1G owners)

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