Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crumpler industry disgrace neck strap - mini review

One week ago, I purchased the Crumpler Industry Disgrace camera neck strap, branded with Canon EOS, as a replacement for the usual Canon strap that came with my 400D.

The strap costs me slightly over $30 bucks, but it was definitely worth my money. So many photographers use camera straps provided by the camera manufacturer and never think twice about it. Usually these lousy straps aren't comfortable at all. Most of them fail to ease the load of the camera, and as a result the strap 'cuts' the skin, causing discomfort when hung over the neck or slung over the shoulder for a prolonged period of time.

This is where the Crumpler industry disgrace excels in - comfort. Firstly, it is noticeably broader in width than any other strap, making your camera feel lighter when slung over your neck. It also looks different. Instead of a long straight strap, this one is moulded into a vague 'U' shape, allowing it to wrap over the neck for a secure fit. A special grip print also ensures that the strap fits well around the neck. There is also a breathable air mesh strap which gives very nice padding over your neck.

Assembling the strap onto your camera is easy. You fit it in like any other strap, and it stays securely in place. The strap also features double length adjustment, giving you the flexibility to change its length very quickly.

The only problem with this strap is that of storage. Because it is slightly thicker and broader than other straps, keeping it in your camera bag might be slightly challenging if space is little. Also, it is not as 'foldable' as other cheap straps.

All in all, I have nothing but praises for the Industry Disgrace... this strap is especially suited for photographers who carry heavy equipment, and makes life a lot more comfortable!


Deadalus2 said...

Dude, where'd you get that strap from, i love it...i need one, i want

Unknown said...

where did you get this from? been looking all over for one!

Unknown said...

Where did you buy this from?