Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A fresh perspective

I shall take a break from posting about photography and share with you how I spent the past few weeks. Basically it revolved around studies, in preparation for Common Test 2. Today was my first paper, GP, hmm it went fine but I didn't think I wrote to my best abilities. Tomorrow is chemistry. I'm very worried that I might fail... the amount of content to remember is crazy.

It has been a tough week. I was deprived from any form of shooting. I miss my camera. Once the exams are over on Friday all hell will break loose and I WILL go shooting on Sat. However, as much as life has been mundane and plain boring studying all day at home, I manage to change my perception of studying. Or rather, God did. :)

For some time now I've been subscribing to the Purpose Driven daily devotionals by Rick Warren. These are short daily devotions sent to my email which forces me to take some time to read and ponder on. God is good. He knew I was going through a tough time with my studies. I didn't quite enjoy it as before, and to some extent I was disillusioned and lost motivation. I just didn't quite bother about my studies. Then one day I received a devotional right on the topic of work. God told me that he is just as interested in my spiritual life as he is in my daily life, the mundane activities, the time spent at school, or as some people will call it, the 'secular' life. Many of us are only Christians and 'spiritual' on Sunday, and on Monday, it's back to our hectic life without God. That devotion gave me a fresh perspective on my role as a student. God told me that he is always with me and I should put in all the effort I have into studying, not for man's glory, but because I'm to do it for the Lord. And when I'm doing it for God, excellence and enthusiasm will follow, i.e. good grades. I realised that studying and doing well can be a means of worshipping God and glorifying Him too. Not just by attending church every Sunday you know. God is always interested in our spiritual walk, AND our work/career/studies too. Praise God for that!

Oh and do check out Purpose Driven Life too if you've never heard about it!

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