Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feeling more settled

I feel more settled after talking to Mr Tang yesterday. It's funny how I've gone full circle and finally settled on nature photog. I have to promise myself that I shall not change it anymore and get down to work, fast. I should be on overdrive mode now, making full use of my time. At least I'm doing something that I like, something that I'm confident I can do. Praise God! He hears and answers :)

On a lighter note, I have just discovered a new Christian band that I really like! It is Big Daddy Weave! Love their album entitled 'What Life Would Be Like'. Their style is more contemporary and less praise and worship (think Barlow Girl and Superchick instead of Hillsong and Planetshakers). Simply amazing songs!

What Life Would Be Like - Big Daddy Weave

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