Thursday, July 30, 2009

A thought on Christian music

I love praise and worship songs. I love contemporary Christian music. I particularly enjoy Hillsong, United, Planetshakers, Chris Tomlin and other similar bands. My iPod almost contains only Christian music. I don't listen to mainstream english pop/rock songs, or Chinese pop music for that matter.

The point I am trying to make is that as Christians, we should have a greater appetite for the music of God. We should hunger more for these music which glorify God than that which the world promotes. I don't like listening to worldly songs simply because they are meaningless. The songs of the world glorify men, not God. The songs of the world deal with unholy issues, where God is out of the equation. Many times the lyrics used are unwholesome too.

However, listening to Christian music enriches our soul. It allows us to quietly worship God wherever we are, be it during a commute, walking down the street and so forth. Many times the words speak to me and comfort me after a bad day. They provide me an assurance of the greatness and goodness of my God. Such is the power of Christian music. It is a means by which we connect to God, in a personal way.

This being said, I must always stress that listening to Christian music is NEVER a replacement for reading the bible. It should be done in addition to reading God's word. And always remember, we are glorifying God and not that awesome Christian band or singer!

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lemuelteo said...

You've articulated what I've only been thinking of with regards to the "enriching" quality of Chiristian music.