Thursday, July 16, 2009

The world says believe in yourself

There are some things in this world that seem right at first glance, but actually they are not. I have been thinking about one issue for quite a while now. In this world I live in, I'm constantly bombarded by the message that we should believe in ourselves, chase after our desires, have faith in our abilities, and to rely on our own strength to overcome difficulties. It's subconscious but the mass media, especially the TV and movies we watch, frequently tells us this.

Although these notions may appear harmless, they are not. I am reminded time and time again, that we are not to rely on our human ability, but the faith of God. In other words, we trust God and not our flesh. We need to run our lives not on our worldly aspirations, talents, abilities or intelligence, but rather, on faith - the belief for things unseen. For without faith it is impossible to please God. The foundation of our lives needs to stand solely upon faith. The rest of our lives, such as our dreams, hopes, talent, all revolves around our faith in God. Many are deluded in this world where they place their confidence in themselves. Confidence in life is a good thing - but the source of this confidence needs to be right. For me, it's in God. How about you? Is your confidence in money, intelligence or material things?

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