Friday, November 27, 2009

End of the road

Forest Road
Image copyright Ian Ho 2008

The A levels are coming to an end. Left with one physics MCQ paper. Finally!

Looking back, it was a long journey indeed, and not an easy one. For about 2 months now, I've been doing nothing but studying. Haha I've never studied this hard before! Haven't touched my camera or gone shooting for about 2 months now. Up till today I still don't know how I did that. I feel that my photog skills are rusty, and I've kinda forgot my photoshop workflow and post-processing stuff already. Can't wait to go out and appreciate God's creation again.

In the mean time I'm just so thankful that He has brought me so far. Really, I could not have done the A levels alone. I still remember on the 10 Nov when I sat for my first paper (math), I was totally so nervous! Haha turned open the cover page, saw question 1, then panicked for a while, until I realised it was actually system of linear equations. But I think the paper went fine.

I think on the whole, A levels are easier than prelims, but it's still not easy-peasy. With the exception of Chem, I feel that I did my best for the rest... hopefully the results should be OK. After all, there's no point worrying now. I'm just leaving the rest to my big daddy up above. The entire A level journey was truly a leap of faith for me, and as weird as this sounds, it was as much an academic pursuit as it was spiritual. I've learnt so much more about the Lord, and got closer to Him.

Oh oh and I've also got to know many new CCM bands/singers and songs as I listen while studying. As of now, my favourite is Bethany Dillon! Her music is deep, honest, sincere and just a joy to listen to. Her style is something like a mix of Chris Tomlin and Brooke Fraser. I think I'll get her new album :)

Ok back to Physics!

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