Saturday, January 9, 2010

No shame in being an amateur

We constantly hear of the distinction between an amateur photographer and a professional. More often than not, this statement implies that the amateur is inferior to the professional, in terms of photography skill, equipment and experience. The meaning of the term amateur has become so diluted today that it has a negative connotation attached to it.

But do you know the true meaning of being an amateur? It is actually a positive thing. An amateur is someone who does something out of a pure love and passion for it. The only motivation for an amateur to do what he does is because he enjoys it. It is not for monetary rewards. Thus, I feel that being an amateur photographer is not a shameful status at all. In fact, we should feel proud of it, that we do our photography because we honestly love it, and not because we need to make ends meet.

I think all photographers, both pros and non-pros, should have the attitude of an amateur in his heart. Too many professionals get lost in the business side of things that they forget how to approach photography purely out of a passion for it. Let us not forget that there is no shame in being amateurish, for it is the purest way to approach photography.

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