Friday, April 16, 2010

Learning to stop and breathe

Breathing Space
Image copyright Ian Ho 2010

10 more days and I'll be away in Tekong, under the hot sweltering sun in army. That means 10 more days to enjoy civilian life, to take things easy and enjoy my last moments free before surrendering myself to the heat and pain of BMT.

The last half-a-month after Trackers ended has really been quite relaxing for me. No real work, just some photography and design jobs and quite a lot of time for myself, friends and photography. I think many times we rush through life too quickly, not because we want to, but modern life is as such. Still, I always value the importance of taking some time off - to stop and breathe. To put some pause in your life. To recharge your soul and refresh your spirit. And then move on again in the crazy rush of life.

We all have our ways of putting pause in our lives. For me, it's through photography. The last month has really given me time to think about my photography, what it means to me, how I can use it to impact others, and how I can take it to the next level. I just got David duChemin's well-acclaimed book Within The Frame, and that book is teaching me some deep stuff on the artistic side of photography and chasing your vision.

But besides photography, I think what really recharges my soul is spending time alone with God. I always feel a bit uneasy when I start off my day without first spending time with God... but yet I do that all the time. I wake up, wash-up, take breakfast and then rush off to work/Trackers without prioritising God first or greeting him good morning. I get caught up in the rush of life many many times. And that's unhealthy for our spiritual well-being. That's why spending time talking to God and reading His word is so important for all believers.

I'm learning how to stop and breathe, to recharge and refresh. So should you!

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