Sunday, July 25, 2010

5 simple fireworks tips

Image copyright Ian Ho 2010

National day is coming around the corner, so to those who are thinking of shooting fireworks, here are 5 simple things to bear in mind.

1) No tripod, no shutter release, NO GO!
Tripod is a MUST, and shutter release is highly recommended. The purpose of the remote trigger is so that bulb mode can be used. For this shot, I used bulb mode, f11, ISO 100 and the "black card" technique.

2) Location, location, location.

Plan early, scout for a good view, set up your rig and be prepared.

3) The first explosion is your best chance.
You're probably going to get the cleanest and nicest images when the first few fireworks set off. Remember that subsequently, the smoke in the air will cause the sky to look hazy.

4) Include some foreground interest.

Give the fireworks display some context by including an interesting foreground element. In my case, I chose the integrated resort as the foreground subject.

5) Enjoy the view!

Lastly, don't fret too much over the technicals or getting that perfect shot! Above all, enjoy the fireworks display - the sound, colours, excitement and atmosphere. :))

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