Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thank you, Hillsong

Scroll through my iTunes library now, and out of the 547 songs taking up 2.79 GB, 154 songs are by Hillsong and Hillsong United (the youth branch of Hillsong). Clearly, Christian music, especially Hillsong songs, has contributed to a very large percentage of the music I listen to.

And they have released two new albums recently, both of which I only knew of today!

Hillsong released Saviour King and United released All Of The Above (an uncanny title which is also shared with an album by Youth Alive WA). Kelvin bluetoothed most of the songs to my phone today, and now they are stored on my iPod to keep my bus rides company.

Hmm I must say that Hillsong is my favourite band! Not so much because they produce good music, yes they definitely do, but more because many of their songs throughout many albums have touched and changed my life. For example, At The Cross, From The Inside Out and Mighty To Save from Mighty To Save have a special meaning to me personally, these are songs that I treasure because they have comforted me and helped me draw closer to God.

I have seen Hillsong mature from their first few albums all the way till now. In their later albums, I could really sense true, genuine, sincere and passionate worship in their live albums. These two new additions are no exception, even though All Of The Above is a studio production. However, what concerns me is that Hillsong is being more and more like United in terms of musical style, leaning more towards the pop rock side, hence I don’t blame my dad (and many more adults) when they complain that Hillsong is too “rock” for their more “quiet” taste. Indeed, Hillsong has grown to be very much more pop, but still, all their songs are great for worship as a means to connect to God. The lyrics are still as meaningful and they continue to reveal different truths every time. They are my source of strength, encouragement and motivation.

Hillsong has shown me revelations, one after another, so keep it up, keep praising the Lord, and thank you! You have been a blessing to me! Oh...get those new songs if you haven't, they are phenomenal!

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