Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hillsong 2008: This is Our God

Earlier this year at the Acer Arena, Hillsong Australia recorded their 17th annual live album, set to be released on the 7th July. As of now this album will be titled 'This is Our God', and contains a collection of brand new songs with a few songs borrowed from United, such as 'You Deserve', which first appeared on the EP 'In A Valley By The Sea'.

I'm so excited about this new album, there are some crappy videos on YouTube where you can't hear anything, but as always, I trust that Hillsong will churn out something amazing. Felix Clack writes on his site that this album will be much more 'United-ish'... and as with the last few years, there is less and less of Darlene as she gets more involved with doing tours and stuff. There is fresh new talent in Hillsong, exploding with the passion to worship with song and praise, that's wonderful, but my concern is that Hillsong cannot neglect the more traditional listeners, people like my parents who complain that Hillsong is 'noisy'.

In contrast to those old songs from albums such as 'For This Cause', I must say that the style has changed a lot. Today Hillsong is much more rock. But I like it anyway, just that sometimes I really want that old style back, and that's where I turn to the old albums, and the song 'Reaching For You' still seems to be one of my favourite.

Great stuff... This is Our God indeed! I'm awaiting in anticipation!