Wednesday, March 26, 2008

United: With Hearts As One

As part of Hillsong United's I Heart Revolution, they have released their 9th album entitled 'With Hearts As One', the first out of a two part release. What this album entails is basically live recordings of the songs they sang during their tours all over the world, from Brazil to Africa to China to Japan and even Malaysia. These songs aren't new songs, but songs which originally appeared from past albums, dating back to albums as old as 'More Than Life'. Some have been played differently, so it's still refreshing. Way cool, but more importantly, it's amazing to witness how God uses people to spread the faith.

I always love live albums because I can feel the atmosphere and the voices of the congregation, as if I was there. So currently this album is available in the US and Australia, but there is no clue if it's ever going to make it to our shores. I badly want this album, so I hope it really comes.

In my attempts to find an answer, I dropped Hillsong an email asking them, and what they replied was this: For more information on the release of this album in your country please contact Alby Enterprises. Haha, guess they don't know too?

Oh and I found this new Hillsong song, Your Name High, on YouTube.

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