Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My dear lens is back

I spent a considerable amount of time travelling today. Haha have to use up my student ez-link card before it expires on the 31st anyway. I'm proud to say that I'm left with 20 cents in my card after today! Hmm, but the thought of paying adult rates really put me off.

I went all the way to freaking John Wesley Centre at Bukit Batok for my trackers interview in the afternoon. It was quite informal, and it went ok thankfully. I'm actually excited for trackers to begin in Jan... getting to know new friends, studying God's word and going for the mission trip. After that ended, I took the Bukit Panjang LRT (first time in quite a few years) to Chua Chu Kang mrt, then took the train all the way to Harbourfont to collect my lens which died on me a few months back!

I'm happy that my 17-85 is back after 3 weeks with Canon. If you ask me, 3 weeks for any kind of repair is too long. And the charges were absurdly high too. I was extremely shocked that out of the hundred plus the repair costs, did you know 80 bucks goes for the service charge, and the actual parts itself only costs 30 bucks?! Wow the repair guys at Canon must be earning good money!

But at least my lens is working fine now, and after requesting to change the rubber zoom ring, it looks slightly newer, and the zoom a tad firmer. Looking back, the 17-85 has been with me for close to 3 years. Optically I can't say it's fantastic. Price wise it isn't too. But what keeps me holding onto this lens is the superb zoom range, stabiliser function and quick AF. Sure, the new 15-85 is a better lens, but the price now is just way unjustifiable. I'm thinking.. and just thinking, if I were to replace the 17-85, I would go for the new Sigma 17-70 OS when it is available. Ah this is where I tell myself again not to lust for equipment. These thoughts are eeeevil!

Haha tomorrow I'm going to visit the dentist, then going shooting with Waiyong and Vernon. Thank you Lord for seeing me through the interview today!


hahazZ said...

Wait omg, that is how ex it is to repair a 17-85???

T_T cos mine is super loose and the pics are taking super long to focus and doesnt even focus properly.. is that sth similar to what u got?

- sinyee

Ian Ho said...

my case was an error 01, they changed the power assembly or something like that. because of err01 my af also didn't work properly.

haha just send it in to see what's wrong, and maybe get a quote on the price first.