Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How great is my God

Today is the second day of Trackers proper. It's a 9-5 mon to fri thingy, where 31 youths gather to seek after one God.

It's only two days, but so much has happened. It's so exciting. The good thing is that so much has also yet to happen. For me personally, I've learnt how to hear the voice of God in a very specific way, to encounter him as my Father and to (literally) talk to him as if a son talking to his daddy. I've come to realise so much about how great and awesome my Lord is. You may be thinking that this is something like going back to school isn't it? I mean it's everyday, and studying the Bible? Partly true, just that it's way more enriching and interesting than any textbook I've ever studied in school.

There were many things that God taught me, many things that I saw in God and my fellow trackers, most of which aren't appropriate to share here.

But there's one thought that struck me that I think is worth sharing here. That is, how big God is. He created the entire universe, all the planets, stars, galaxies, placed the sun in its place to give us light, and also the moon to bring us the coolness of night. The huge-ness of God is beyond our human comprehension. And the thing that dumb-founds me every time is that this gigantic God would actually be bothered with my life - the life of a sinner, of a small, insignificant person. I mean, we're like less than a speck of dust in comparison to the size of His creation. Yet the Bible assures us that God holds us in the span of his hand, and that he dotes on us and is obsessed with us. Psalms 139:17-18 says that God's thoughts concerning us are uncountable like the grains of sand. That is such a sweet sweet thing to know... to be reminded that the God of the universe is also the God of my heart.


Exotuner said...

Hey there

I was just reading your blog recently and realised tht you are becoming religious. If you think the Bible is interesting, you should try reading the Quran, they are quite similarl, but just for your knowledge, i'd recommend it

Shellmoo said...


Wow. No matter how many times I hear it, I always find what He can do, amazing. Things unable to be explained or even considered by us humans, and are only a simple thing to God. :) That doesn't exactly make sense, but haha. thanks for that blog. "Awed" me once again. Cheers, Sister in Christ <3