Sunday, April 25, 2010

Countdown: < 1 day

12 hours more.

Before reporting to Tekong school 1!

I'm actually kinda excited about it, and I'll try to keep an open mind and be optimistic about it. But before I start on this new journey, I think it's good to wrap up the last 4 months of civilian life by saying that Trackers was really an experience that I will cherish for a long time to come.

I really thank God for enlisting so late, because otherwise I wouldn't have got to meet my wonderful Cebu team!! I will cherish those crazy times we spent together in Cebu, and really I miss all of you after Trackers ended! I really thank God for placing the Trackers people in my life, for bringing me on missions, and for the opportunity to grow deeper in my faith the past 4 months. The lessons learnt and experiences gained will serve as an encouragement for me whenever I'm going through tough times in NS. I've walked long enough with God to know for sure that my life is in His hands, and that He's always beside me and for me, no matter the circumstances.

So I want to start this new journey by looking back at Trackers and saying THANK YOU Lord for the friendships forged, the memories shared and the faith-lessons learnt!

Indeed I wouldn't exchange Trackers for anything else, it really was the best way to spend my pre-enlistee life!

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